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I wanted to get Zoom so that my smile would be dazzling white. But the bigger issue was that I wanted them all to match. I have had these annoying white spots on my teeth forever. So I told my dentist I wanted to get my teeth bleached so they wouldn’t stand out anymore. So he ended up doing Zoom whitening yesterday and it is a nightmare. The results look terrible! The white spots look even whiter. I think the treatment accentuated them instead of blending them. What happened?

-Laura in Washington


It is unfortunate that you are not pleased with your results from Zoom whitening. The white spots on your teeth are likely from fluorisis. This occurs from ingesting flouride while the teeth were developing, likely as a young child. So Zoom whitening or any teeth bleaching method would not improve their appearance. Whitening agents only work on natural tooth structure. Flourosis should have been treated differently. Unfortunately, it sounds like your dentist may be experienced in treating fluorisis.

You can explain that you are disappointed with the results to see if your current dentist will work with you. But honestly, you may be interested in meeting with a cosmetic dentist moving forward to address the white spots. An excellent cosmetic dentist will better understand how to effectively treat this condition and make your smile look beautiful. tooth bonding can be used to cover them. It is imperative that you work with an experienced cosmetic dentist at this point. Don’t push your current dentist out of their comfort zone. There are very few dentists that can create beautiful results with cosmetic dentistry treatments because they are advanced techniques that are not taught in dental school.

The teeth whitening may not be a complete wash. Now your teeth are whitened throughout and it is possible that the color may stabilize over the next few days. But if you are still unsatisfied after that point, it would be wise to consult with a cosmetic dentist. Thank you for your question. Best of luck in moving forward to achieve the smile you ultimately desire.

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