Can porcelains veneers be causing this terrible taste?

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I have had this nasty taste in my mouth that I never had before getting porcelain veneers. I was beginning to think I wasn’t taking care of my porcelain veneers, like maybe food was getting stuck in them or something? But I have been keeping up with it at least two times a day and even brushing after meals. The taste isn’t getting better, if anything it’s getting worse. I have had my porcelain veneers for a few months now and I just have to think it has something to do with them. But when I told my dentist, he told me it has nothing to do with the veneers. He suggested I make a log of my diet and try changing out the foods. But my diet hasn’t changed. Please help!

-Kendra in Louisiana


The bad taste that you are describing definitely needs to be investigated further. When you have a rotten taste that doesn’t go away, the dentist needs to rule out any sign of infection, decay, or other dental problem before concluding it is a dietary concern.

It is possible that the issue began after getting your porcelain veneers. Did your dentist run any tests or perform an exam when you complained about the bad taste in your mouth? It is possible there is an issue with the dental bonding that adheres the veneers to your teeth. If there were any gaps or spaces, even if they are tiny, it could be a case of microkeakage. In this instance, the bacteria forms in those spaces and may not be visible since it is underneath the porcelain veneer.

If your dentist isn’t helping, it may be time to see another cosmetic dentist. It very well could be another issue related to diet. So if the new cosmetic dentist agrees, it may be time to discuss the matter with your general physician. But, if there is microleakage, decay or infection of some sort, action must be taken immediately. If there is tooth decay present, it could be detrimental to your tooth. Decay can spread very quickly if left untreated. So go with your gut and continue pursuing the problem until the cause is pinpointed. Thank you for your inquiry. Best of luck to you!

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