What do you recommend for a front tooth crown?

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In my quick research it seems there are many options to replace a missing front tooth. What type of crown do you recommend?

-Karen in Texas


The best thing you can do is find the most respected, experienced cosmetic dentist in your area. It’s not about what type of crown necessarily, it’s about what the dentist is most comfortable with placing for your case.

Getting a perfect crown on a front tooth is comparable with completing a work of art. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t about restoring function, as much as it’s about creating beauty. The right cosmetic dentist will have a ceramist that they are comfortable with and you should trust an experienced cosmetic dentist with their treatment plan. Keep in mind that any dentist can say they do cosmetic dentistry. But you are looking for one that can show you multiple cases similar to yours, as well as extensive advanced training and coursework on the subject.

An all-porcelain crown will appear much more natural than a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. So keep that in mind. If a dentist offers one that isn’t all-porcelain, you may want to keep looking. Less than two percent of dentists are truly gifted in the art of cosmetic dentistry. So be careful!

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