Is it normal for porcelain veneers to have a hump near the gums?

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I have had cosmetic dentistry done on my front two teeth for years. At first, I had dental bonding. Then, I decided to get it replaced with porcelain veneers. Over the years I thought they became dull. So I am having the old veneers re-done. So far, I am not happy with them. I feel like they look bulky and it is kind of a challenge for me to close my mouth comfortably. I had Durathin veneers done and there is a hump near the gumline. I’m just at the temporary stage, so I’m wondering if I should get dental bonding done instead? Is this hump normal? Will I get used to it? I was hoping that it would be much smoother and feel more natural. Maybe it has just been so long since my original veneers and I just forgot. Do you have any thoughts?

– Becca in Pennsylvania


No, porcelain veneers should not have a hump near the gumline. Is this a new cosmetic dentist that you are using this time around? Beautiful cosmetic dentistry is like art. The dentist has to have a passion and thorough understanding in order to make them look lifelike and natural.

A hump or any transition from the veneer to the tooth, simply may not look right. Also, this area is prone to tooth decay and possible gum inflammation. If your dentist is an experienced cosmetic dentist, then he or she should definitely know this.

In the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist, it doesn’t matter whether it’s dental bonding or what brand of porcelain veneers – the work should be done beautifully. Therefore, the question you need to ponder may be if you are at the right cosmetic dentist?

If you are convinced that your dentist is an artist, be sure you have the opportunity to see exactly how they will look before they are permanently bonded into place. Make sure there is no hump. Don’t let them be bonded into your mouth unless you are positive you love the way they look. If this dentist values their work, they will want you to absolutely love the way they look. Don’t settle for anything less. And if you are unsure about the skill level of the dentist, it would be worth a second opinion to a different cosmetic dentist.

It could simply be a misunderstanding. So it’s fine to continue through the process. A hump is not acceptable. So don’t assume it will look better after the final bonding. It’s your front teeth and you don’t want to be unhappy with the end product. Thank you for your question.

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