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I had dental bonding done to fix my two front teeth. The bonding work was done almost 15 years ago now. I know it probably needs to be replaced. But, I think getting any new cosmetic dentistry done is out of my budget. I was wondering if teeth whitening will work on the bonding? Will bleaching return the bonding to the original bright color? I was even wondering if teeth whitening strips would help?

-Jeff in Virginia


No type of teeth bleaching treatment will work to whiten your tooth bonding work. That includes the teeth whitening that you’d get professionally done at the dentist’s office and over-the-counter teeth whitening strips. The whitening agents will work on your natural teeth. But, they will not work on the composite bonding. So, the surrounding teeth will become white. But, your two front teeth will stay the same color. This will make the discolored tooth bonding stand out even more than it already does.

A professional teeth cleaning may help freshen up the dental bonding. It may help remove some of the staining from the the bonding material. Or if you visit a cosmetic dentist, some polishing may help improve the overall appearance. Unfortunately, the only way to make the dental bonding as white as it was when you first got the work done, is to have it redone.

Also, you really need to make sure that you see an expert cosmetic dentist. Your two front teeth are highly visible when you talk or smile. So, it’s important that the bonding is replaced by a dentist that is an artist and has an eye for aesthetics.

So, avoid any deals that sound too good to be true. Bargains in cosmetic dentistry are often red flags, especially with bonding. In order to do beautiful cosmetic dentistry work requires extensive training beyond dental school, as well as experience and understanding of the bonding technologies and materials. Saving a buck now could result in unneeded expense down the road.

Be honest with the cosmetic dentist about your budget. It is possible you could work out some payment arrangements through the individual practice, or explore financing options.

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