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I am unhappy with the way my porcelain veneer turned out. It looks and feels too long and crooked. I’ve had cosmetic dentistry before. So, I know it’s supposed to blend in with your natural teeth.

Several years ago I had some dental bonding work done to my front tooth because I fell and chipped my tooth. The cosmetic dentist did an excellent job. It blended in well and no one seemed to notice it.

Well, I’ve since relocated and am trying out new dentists. When the bonding came off last month, I tried a new dentist for this repair. I found it strange that he said I needed a crown because the bonding wouldn’t work again. I thought that seemed like overkill. So, I asked about a porcelain veneer instead. The dentist was agreeable and so we moved forward.

I should have known I was in for it when the porcelain veneer took over three weeks to come back from the lab. He tried it on and it seemed okay. But, once it was all said and done, I knew something wasn’t right. My tongue wouldn’t leave it along because there is this gap between the porcelain veneer and my natural tooth. It felt crooked too. Worst of all, when I looked in the mirror at home, I realized it’s longer than all my other teeth. I look ugly.

When I called in to tell them my dissatisfaction, they told me I’d get used to it. I don’t think that’s acceptable. Then, they went on to tell me there was nothing more that could be done. What do I do now? I look like a snaggletooth – no joke! Can I get a second opinion? I shouldn’t have to be stuck with it. Right?

Please help,

Mike in Ohio


Wow! There are so many things wrong with your story. First, your gut was absolutely right that a crown was not necessary. Dental bonding can be replaced. From the start, it sounds like this dentist isn’t really a true cosmetic dentist. You should have been presented with the benefits of each possible treatment option. Also, you shouldn’t have to be the one making recommendations about the porcelain veneer.

Telling you that the dental bonding wouldn’t work should have come with a reason why. But, in hindsight, it’s likely he wasn’t comfortable in his dental bonding skills.

Well, it sounds like he shouldn’t have been so willing to do a porcelain veneer on a front tooth either. A cosmetic dentist will always have the patient look at the cosmetic dentistry work in the mirror because they want to see your response. An excellent cosmetic dentist wants to hear you are happy with their work. They want you to love it. This is really too bad. And a response back to you that nothing can be done is unacceptable.

You mention it felt okay before it was cemented in place. So, it’s possible that’s where the dentist went wrong, in the actual bonding to the tooth. The veneer can be re-shaped and if you truly aren’t happy, which it sounds like you are not, you can have the work redone. At this point, it sounds like it’s in your best interest to get a second opinion from a reputable cosmetic dentist. You should not have to settle for a porcelain veneer that doesn’t look or feel right. Honestly, even if this dentist offered to re-do the work, you will still want to get a second opinion.

Good luck! Sorry you are going through this.

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