Does the blue light with Zoom whitening really do anything?

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I ended up getting Zoom whitening done to whiten my smile. The dentist was pretty obsessive about prepping me about the use of the blue light during treatment. I must say, I love the results Zoom gave me. My teeth are whiter and brighter. I actually notice them when I smile.

Well, my brother was making fun of me when I explained the blue light. He told me it was a total sham. He said the blue light really does nothing at all. Is that true? Not that it matters, because I love the results. I just don’t understand why they would utilize the blue light technology if it does nothing.

Please help me end this sibling rivalry debate. What is the purpose of Zoom’s blue light?

-Gentry in Texas


Siblings have such a unique bond. And it sounds like you and your brother have started an interesting debate. It is possible that your brother went online and dabbled in the highly-debated topic. Keep in mind, you can’t believe everything your read on the internet. Anyone can post their opinion online.

Here’s the scoop. The Zoom bleaching system uses LED (blue) lights. The light is used at varying intensities. There are teeth bleaching systems that can be used at home. These types of system use a “fake” light for show and use a single LED. For example, on those television makeover shows, these types of light systems are used for dramatic effect. It can give the customer the boost of confidence they need to make a bigger deal about their experience.

But, when your teeth are professionally whitened, the Zoom system is very powerful. In fact, your dentist was probably going to great lengths about their function, because they can be dangerous when they aren’t used properly. Some doctors use similar technology to boost mood disorders. But, if they are not used as directed, they can burn skin. So, with Zoom, your gum tissue is protected to ensure your gums don’t burn. Also, you were given eye protection to avoid damage to your eyes.

The ironic thing is that the light is cool to the touch. But, when it comes in contact with the powerful Zoom whitening gel, it increases the speed of the whitening. There have been many studies that compare results of Zoom whitening with the blue light and without it. The results are drastically better with the blue light.

The prescription grade whitening agents, concentration of the gel and quality of the blue white are far more powerful than any at-home system on the market. That is why Zoom delivers a dramatically whiter teeth in a very short period of time.

Hopefully this helps put an end to your debate. The important thing here is that you had a positive experience and you are happy with your Zoom whitening results. Thank you for your question.

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