I don’t want porcelain veneers that are perfect.

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I’m intrigued by porcelain veneers. But, my biggest concern is that they will look too perfect. I am in a high profile position and on camera a lot. I don’t want my smile to look so perfect that it’s obviously fake. Currently, my teeth are pretty bad. So, it will be a big change and I’m nervous about what others will think. I want them too look better. But, I guess I’m looking for an average-looking smile. Is this possible with porcelain veneers? Or should I look at some other cosmetic dentistry treatment.

-Cory in Texas


Well, it sounds like you are humble. That’s a good thing. Most people want the wow factor. They are after perfect, dazzling white pearly whites. To answer your question, porcelain veneers can be created to match whatever look you would like to achieve. They can be made to look natural and not fake. For example, freshening up your smile to make your teeth look whiter and straighter, may be enough for you. If you are looking for an even more average look, you could choose a darker shade. And small defects can be incorporated. Those unique factors could give your new smile some character.

The key for you is going to be to find an excellent cosmetic dentist in your area. Not just any general or family dentist excels at cosmetic dentistry. So, you need someone that is going to listen to your desires and match your personality and goals. For example, square-shaped teeth tend to look more masculine. This type of look gives a strong on-camera look. If you go with a longer shape, you will portray a more youthful look.

So, when you are interviewing cosmetic dentists, be sure to ask about their suggestions based on your goals. Then, they will likely show you similar examples to the look you’re after. An expert cosmetic dentist will have no shortage of before and after photographs to share with you. Also, it is possible to take your photograph and digitally enhance these different looks on your face. This will give you a much better vision of what it will look like.

Porcelain veneers, when done by the right cosmetic dentist, will be a great choice to accomplish the look you’re after. Best of luck.

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