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My daughter recently had her braces removed and now she has white spots all over her teeth. Will Zoom whitening fix this problem? Our family dentist recommended Zoom to fix the spots. But, it didn’t help. Did the dentist apply it incorrectly? Have you ever heard of something like this happening?

-Pam in Missouri


Yes, we have heard of this happening. It is likely a problem of your family dentist not really understanding cosmetic dentistry. Most general dentists are good at fixing a problem. In order to do beautiful cosmetic dentistry, the dentist must pursue extensive advanced training in cosmetic dentistry. Also, a passion for appearance-related dentistry is a must.

Zoom whitening is an effective teeth whitening treatment. But it isn’t the correct choice for uneven color. Unfortunately, the white spots that remain after braces are removed, may actually end up looking worse from Zoom or other teeth bleaching methods.

The white spots are actually caused by decalcificaiton around the braces while they were still in place. Typically, they are a result of some oral hygiene inconsistencies or problems. Tooth Mousse is a product that was created to re-mineralize the white spots. Or another treatment option that may work for your daughter’s case is called microabraion. Although, many patients end up with teeth that tend to look creamy versus bright white with microabrasion.

Now, another option that works well to treat white splotches is tooth bonding. But it cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you fund a reputable, experienced cosmetic dentist. Be sure to ask to see cases similar to yours and check out the before and after images. Also, be sure that the cosmetic dentist understands the cause of the white spots. This is because your daughter’s spots are an early indicator of tooth decay.

Sorry that you are having to go through this and had a negative experience with Zoom whitening. Hopefully by sharing your story, you will help another individual avoid the same problem.

Thank you for your question.

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