Is mouth wash safe for porcelain veneers?

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I just spent a ton of money on porcelain veneers and I’m wondering what type of mouthwash is best? It’s always been part of daily hygiene routine. But, I want to make sure it’s okay. I have only had my porcelain veneers on for a week. Please let me know your tips.

-Jen in Arizona


Thank you for your question. Mouthwash is not required to maintain your porcelain veneers. In fact, it’s really not a must for oral hygiene. So, I wonder why you feel so attached to it?

You need to keep up with regular brushing and flossing to keep your porcelain veneers looking like new. No mouthwash is necessary. Actually, it is better to avoid any kind of cleaning agents that have whitening or abrasive formulas in them. Between regular daily hygiene and regular cleanings, that will be all that is needed to maintain your veneers.

Also, when you visit the hygienist, they will need to avoid high power polishing equipment so they don’t damage them. Now, if your cosmetic dentist is also your regular dentist that you see for cleanings, the hygienist would already know that. But, if you to a different practice, be sure to communicate that to them. Any abrasive equipment or treatment will compromise the glaze that protects them.

Although, mouthwash isn’t essential, there are some brands that are okay to use if you can’t break the habit. Ultimately, you want to avoid any products that contain alcohol. If they contain any type of alcohol, it is possible that the dental bonding composite that adheres them to the teeth will be softened. So, be sure you read the label to check for alcohol. For example, Listerine contains 21.6% alcohol, so that is one that you will want to avoid.

Two brands that are alcohol-free include Crest Pro-Health and Breath Rx. Any product that is alcohol-free will be clearly marked as such. So, as long as it’s alcohol-free, it won’t harm the veneers.

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