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I have been thinking about whitening my teeth for years. Finally, I went in last week to get Zoom whitening done at the dentist. Everything was fine at the initial appointment. But, after a couple days, I felt somewhat disappointed. Maybe I built up what I envisioned my smile to look like too much. My teeth are still discolored and I fully hoped that they would be bright white. Is there a limit to the level of whiteness that Zoom provides? Is it possible my dentist didn’t administer it properly?

-Lacey in Texas


Most Zoom whitening patients see immediate, very drastic results. In fact, if you tune into any of those beauty makeover programs, it’s typically the teeth whitening method that those programs use. It’s a bummer that is not the experience you had.

Even though Zoom uses a very powerful formula, it does have limitations. It is possible that your dentist didn’t apply the full amount in an effort to curb any sensitivity. Or if you had really dark staining on your teeth prior to treatment, you may require another round of teeth whitening. But your dentist should have explained the process, so you know exactly what to expect. Sometimes, it may take a couple days for the color to stabilize, so they may lighten a little bit after the initial appointment. That said, you mentioned the treatment took place last week. So, the color you are seeing today is likely as white as your teeth will be from this round of whitening.

Did your dentist offer you a follow-up appointment to check in on the progress of the shade? Often times at this visit, the dentist will show you a before photo to help you remember the exact shade of your teeth before the treatment. You may be surprised to see how much whiter your teeth are. See what your dentist says at the follow-up and if he or she recommends another round of teeth whitening. If you still are not satisfied, you may be able to explore some other cosmetic dentistry options. You may be a candidate for porcelain veneers.

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