One porcelain veneer that won’t stay on.

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I have been wanting porcelain veneers for years to help my uneven teeth look better. I finally moved forward and have had five veneers done about four months ago. I had no idea how finicky they would be in reality. No one mentioned any issues when they were telling me about them and how great they would be. The problem – I have one that continues to come off. The first time, it was after only a week and I was eating toast. I almost lost it because my tooth was so incredibly sensitive without it on. The pain was nearly unbearable. The dentist fixed it by shortening it. He said that the bottom tooth touched it and he apologized for not catching it before the veneers were permanently bonded. The bonding agents he used were like torture to have him replace it.

Well, it lasted for several months. Then, while eating a pancake of all things, it came off again. The sensitivity and pain was insane! I am starting to doubt my dentist knows what he is doing because he told me these veneers would stay on for 10 years or more. This time around, he is telling me it’s my bite that is off. Now, he’s recommending I have a porcelain crown done. I don’t know if I will get through the pain of another procedure. It sounds like a crown will remove most of my natural tooth. I’m scared and am paranoid with every bite I take. Please tell me you have some advice?

-Karly in Rhode Island


Without placing judgement, it sounds like it’s time to get a second opinion. You need an expert cosmetic dentist to fix this porcelain veneer for you once and for all.

It doesn’t sounds like your dentist has the necessary training or experience to correctly work through this situation that keeps reoccurring. The way your teeth come together does impact any restorations or cosmetic dentistry treatments. That said, those specifics should have been taken care of before the veneers were originally placed. If a porcelain veneer is placed correctly to begin with, it may chip or crack, but it really should not fall off. Therefore, it sounds like the bonding itself may also be an issue. Whatever the case is, the dentist didn’t get it right again. Let’s just say, you don’t want him to move forward with a porcelain crown. On such a highly visible tooth that shows in front when you smile, it takes an excellent cosmetic dentist to get it right.

But don’t give up on the porcelain veneer being fixed just yet. Try looking for an accredited cosmetic dentist in your area. When you do, this really shouldn’t be a big issue to solve. It is a pretty simple process to re-bond it. You shouldn’t need a porcelain crown at this point.

Also, sorry to hear you have been enduring such extreme sensitivity on top of all this. It is possible that your dentist may have shaved your tooth down more than usual, during the preparation. It could mean that your dentin is what is exposed, which can be terribly sensitive.

It’s time to move on. Find a cosmetic dentist that has worked with cases similar to yours and get this fixed. Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully it will help others to fully realize how important it is to select an experienced cosmetic dentist that has the experience and credentials to deliver beautiful results that last.

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