Zoom whitening faded after I got home.

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I was so excited to try Zoom whitening because my dentist told me it would look like I belonged in Hollywood. Well, last week right after my appointment, he was right. I loved my new dazzling, white smile. But, after a couple of days went by, the whitening faded. In a way, I feel like I’ve been duped. Did I pay too much for something that really didn’t work?

-Shannon in Missouri


Hello Shannon,

Your dentist should have better managed your expectations with professional teeth whitening. Results typically vary from patient to patient and it is difficult to predict an exact outcome.

Most often, Zoom whitening treatments are given in three sessions of 15-minute intervals. In some cases, a fourth whitening is recommended. However, the fourth session is done at the dentist’s discretion of how the patient is tolerating the treatment and what kind of progress has taken place.

young woman smilingHere is what is likely going on here. The Zoom light and powerful whitening gel tend to dehydrate teeth. This means they look extremely white immediately after the treatment occurs. Then, as the teeth re-hydrate over the next several days and weeks, the whiteness does appear to fade. Generally, this phenomenon occurs for most professional teeth bleaching techniques. Again, it is difficult to predict to what degree a patient’s results will fade. The dentist should have prepared you for what to expect at home.

Many times, dentists may recommend periodic at-home teeth whitening trays be used after a patient does Zoom. This will help to maintain that level of whiteness that you desire. So, you weren’t cheated in any way. Your experience is quite normal for a Zoom whitening procedure.

It would be worth a call into the dentist that did the Zoom to see what he recommends. It’s possible he will recommend touch up whitening to get your smile bright and white as you expected.

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