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I’ve seen some of those extreme makeover shows and one of the things they always do for the person is Zoom whitening. I have been doing my own personal extreme makeover and I promised myself that after I lost the weight, getting Zoom whitening would be my treat to myself. I’ve lost 95 of the 100 pounds I set out to and I know the other 5 will be gone within a couple of weeks. I asked my doctor about having the procedure done and he said he uses a different system called Kor. I couldn’t hide my disappointment. I really wanted the real thing that they use on TV, not some other cheap brand. I asked him if he could purchase the real thing and even told him I’d pay the difference, but he still said no. Can I just purchase it on my own somewhere and do it myself? Where can I order it so I’m sure I’m getting the real thing?


Patricia in New Jersey

Dear Patricia,

Congratulations on your weight loss! That’s no easy feat for sure and teeth whitening is a wonderful way to reward yourself for all that hard work.

As for choosing Kor over Zoom whitening, your doctor’s choice to go with Kor whitening probably has little to do with cost, as the two are competitively priced. It’s more than likely a matter of preference. Some doctors swear by one or the other after watching the results of both over time. A lot of dentists like Kor because it seems to give more predictable results on very tough stains. The company also seems to care more about protecting the integrity of the product than some other brands. Bleaching agents tend to degrade when exposed to light or warm temperatures. For this reason, most dentists keep their stock in a refrigerator and also advise their patients to do the same. Kor may be the only one that actually ships their product in chilled packaging to ensure the quality stays consistent.

As far as purchasing your own Zoom whitening, that’s not advisable. You may be able to find a supplier, but there’s no way to guarantee it’s authentic and has been properly cared for. Moreover, these are professional-strength, which means companies should only be selling the real thing to dentists. This is because they are incredibly strong and have the potential to do serious damage to your teeth and gums if they’re not used properly. You really need a doctor’s help to make the trays and provide proper instruction, and monitor your progress.

Try using the product your doctor recommends, but ask the office to tell you your starting shade, as well as your final shade. This way, if you can’t see the difference right away when you look in the mirror, you can see the two shades next to each other. When you compare the before and after side-by-side, you’ll likely be amazed by the results. You will likely be pleasantly surprised with Kor. It’s one of  the most powerful systems available on the market today, has less sensitivity, and can done in only one visit.

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