Will CEREC work if I’m a grinder?

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I have never had a crown done before. My dentist is recommending a CEREC crown be done so I went ahead and made the appointment. I’m kind of nervous because I haven’t had much dental work done. But I just starting realizing I grind my teeth because I’m recently married and my husband told me. Do you think that the CEREC crown will stand up to grinding? I’m worried it won’t be as strong as my normal tooth.

– Kendra in Texas


Thank you for your question. You may be surprised to learn that porcelain restorations, like CEREC crowns are very durable. Porcelain is actually stronger than your natural tooth enamel.

But the bigger problem is that you grind your teeth. If you do this regularly, the enamel on your tooth will continue to break down. You may also start to notice pain in your TMJ or jaw, and begin experiencing nagging headaches. When you grind your teeth, it weakens the natural tooth structure and may be part of the reason you needed a crown in the first place.

So you should contact your dentist and make them aware that you grind. It is likely he or she will want to make a night guard for your to wear to protect your teeth and the new CEREC crown. It’s simple to wear. Just pop it in before bed and remove it in the morning. If you call in soon, the dentist may be able to take impressions of your teeth for the night guard to be made on the same day that your crown is done.

So your CEREC crown will stand up just find to normal chewing and biting pressures. But the night guard will be preventive in prolonging the life of your crown, as well as your natural teeth enamel.

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