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Will teeth whitening help out with my ugly white spots that were left behind after my braces?

Apparently, I didn’t do the best job of keeping up with my regular dental cleanings while I had braces. Now, my teeth seem to be stained white where the braces used to be. My dentist promised me a free teeth whitening appointment after the orthodontist removed my braces. However, when I went in for the consultation he wouldn’t do it. He seems to think the result will be uneven. I am considering getting another opinion. Although, I wanted to check here to see what your thoughts were about bleaching teeth after braces.

-Becky in Florida


Unfortunately, white spots after braces are removed isn’t that uncommon. It is correct that oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings are imperative while the braces are on. Otherwise, the white spots are a possibility.

image of professional teeth whitening trays in a caseFurthermore, the white spots can be a sign of tooth decay. So, in order to whiten your teeth after braces, it depends on the cause. It is possible that a deep cleaning will polish the stains away and then you’d be a candidate for teeth bleaching.

Although, if the stains are a sign of tooth decay, you will need to have the stains whitened with a different method. Bonding can be used to cover up the areas of decay and tooth bonding can be done after the initial teeth whitening is performed too. That way the bonding will match the new white shade of your teeth.

Any kind of staining or white spots is best addressed with an excellent cosmetic dentist. So, that should likely be your next step for a second opinion. Frankly, not just any dentist can do beautiful cosmetic dentistry. And for the issues you are talking about, the appearance and bonding techniques and materials is important. So, be sure to find a cosmetic dentist with the right credentials. Also, one that can show you and explain how he or she has worked with cases similar to yours. Good luck!

Thank you for your question.

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