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I was so excited to get a free teeth whitening offer in the mail. I have been wanting to brighten my smile for a couple years now. However, teeth whitening just hasn’t been in the budget. So, I jumped right in and followed all the steps exactly as directed.

I was devastated when it didn’t work! Now, I’m left with teeth that look worse than before I whitened.

Several years ago, I had some dental bonding done. Now, the bonded teeth stick out like a sore thumb. Is there anything that can be done to fix it? Or is it possible the teeth whitening kit wasn’t any good?

-Pam in Kansas


woman smiling with beautiful white smileUnfortunately, the only time it’s good to jump on a free teeth whitening deal is when it is offered by a dentist. There are many things that need to be considered to determine if you are a good teeth whitening candidate. For example, a dentist will do an initial exam to make sure you don’t have any urgent needs that require attention before the bleaching. Also, the dentist would have discovered your dental bonding and would have recommended a better treatment plan.

If you have dental bonding, it is possible to get your teeth whitened. However, as you have discovered, bonding material does not respond to teeth whitening agents. The color of the bonding will remain the same, while the surrounding teeth will be whitened. Also, the bonding has likely picked up stains over the years, so that is why it is standing out now and looking discolored.

The good news is that your smile can be fixed. You will need to see a reputable cosmetic dentist and have the tooth bonding redone. Be sure you are happy with the whiteness of your existing teeth. If you would like to pursue more powerful whitening from the dentist, now is the time. Once the color is sufficient, you can have the dental bonding made to blend in perfectly. Then, when the bonding is fixed, you will end up with an even, stunning smile.

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