Is my daughter too young for teeth whitening?

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Don’t judge me. I’m not stuck on vanity, nor am I teaching me daughter to be vain. She is self conscious about her teeth because they are stained and I will do whatever it takes to foster her confidence as she gets into those pre-teen years. She’s almost 12 now and wants to get her teeth whitened. She’s mentioned Zoom whitening to me. I don’t want to give the green light unless I know it’s safe. But kids can be so cruel, so if something as simple as teeth whitening will keep the mean girls at bay, I am all for it. Is she old enough for teeth whitening?

-Caroline in New Jersey

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed that you are interested in cosmetic dentistry for your child. The teenage years are tough. Just be open and have a discussion with your dentist. At age 11, almost 12, your daughter is very close to the age many deView postntists will go ahead with teeth whitening procedures like Zoom. But Zoom may not be the best alternative. Zoom whitening has been known to cause sensitivity, so the dentist would be able to make sure her adult teeth are fully erupted and that it is safe to try.

Although, the bigger issue here is determining the cause of your daughter’s discolored teeth. Is it possible this is a hereditary issue, diet, or a side effect from a medication? Those are the questions that your dentist should be diving into with you and your daughter. It is also possible her tooth enamel is thinner than most, in which Zoom would not be the best option since it is can cause sensitivity. Meet with your dentist. It’s possible that porcelain veneers may be the better option for her.

Again, no one is judging you. It’s great that you have your daughter’s best interests in mind. You just don’t want to put a band-aid on what may be a bigger problem.

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