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I’ve always had these white speckles on my front teeth and was wondering if Zoom whitening would correct them. Also, I had braces to correct the alignment of my teeth when I was in high school. The white spots seemed to stand out more after the braces were removed. I have been seeing the same family dentist my entire life. I am a working adult now and actually have some money to get these spots fixed. But, my dentist told me that I’m fine and my teeth are healthy. He made it seem like the spots are no big deal. But, to me, it is a huge deal.

Therefore, I’ve been doing my own research. It sounds like there are many possibilities, like porcelain veneers or teeth whitening treatments like Zoom whitening. But, I’m concerned that whitening the spots won’t address the problem and it may actually make them stand out. Would porcelain veneers be the better choice?

-Candice in Texas


Well, this is an all too familiar story from long-time family dentists. Most general dentists have the mentality to fix a certain problem. Aesthetics doesn’t enter into their treatment philosophy. Your family dentist sees that your teeth are healthy, which is great. But, you aren’t happy with your smile. There is a disconnect here. He’s not concerned with aesthetics. It’s not his fault. It simply may not be his passion.

How to fix white spots on front teeth

Don’t ask your family dentist to fix your white spots. You need to find an excellent cosmetic dentist in your area. A cosmetic dentist is driven by creating beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing smiles. Of course, they want your teeth to function properly. But, they truly understand how self confidence and esteem is important too.

It is difficult to provide specific recommendations without having seen your case in person. It’s possible that a teeth whitening treatment like Zoom bleaching will work for you. Zoom is an in-office whitening treatment that dramatically whitens your teeth in only one appointment. But, the white spots you are referring too may not be lightened with Zoom.

teeth whitening after general

teeth whitening after general

So, there are several other possible cosmetic dentistry treatment alternatives. For example, dental bonding may work well for you. Or, a couple porcelain veneers on your front teeth may give you a brand new smile. Look around and get a couple opinions from local cosmetic dentists, and ask to see before and after images of similar cases.

An excellent cosmetic dentist may suggest whitening your teeth first, so the surrounding teeth are the color your desire. Then, porcelain veneers can be made to match the surrounding teeth perfectly.

Feel free to continue seeing your family dentist for regular, routine care. But, seeing a cosmetic dentist to fix your white spots is hands down the best way to go. Whatever you do, don’t have your family dentist do Zoom whitening or another cosmetic dentistry out of his comfort zone.

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