My front tooth is chipped and I can’t afford Lumineers.

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I was researching online and it looks like Lumineers is recommended to fix a chipped tooth. Last week, I took a nasty fall and ended up chipping one of my front teeth. The inner corner is cut off. The missing portion is about an eighth of an inch.

The main problem is that I cannot afford Lumineers. Is there another way to have the chip fixed without the expensive procedure? However, it is my front tooth. So, I want it to look nice. Please let me know your thoughts.

-Paula in Indiana


close-up of chipped front tooth before dental bondingThank you for your question. A small chip may be repaired using direct dental bonding. Tooth bonding is more affordable than Lumineers or any kind of porcelain veneers.So, that’s good news.

Honestly, Lumineers wouldn’t be the recommended treatment option. So, that leads me to the next concern. Where did you find the information about Lumineers being the preferred way to fix a chipped tooth? It is in your best interest to see an excellent cosmetic dentist to have the repair work done. Anyone that recommended Lumineers as a fix for the a chipped front tooth likely is not a skilled cosmetic dentist.

Many general dentists consider themselves cosmetic dentists, when in all actuality they do not have the right training or expertise. Cosmetic dentistry is an art. General dentists typically have a functional mindset. They are looking at cases from the perspective of fixing a problem. And a cosmetic dentist’s ultimate goal is to create beauty. They are passionate about the aesthetics of creating a beautiful smile.

So, as you consider the right cosmetic dentist for you, be sure to find a dentist with advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and experience doing direct dental bonding. Ask them what they would recommend to fix the chip. If the answer is Lumineers, move on. Dental bonding should be more than sufficient to fix the chip as you’ve described it.

Although, it requires a high level of skill and artistry to make direct bonding look beautiful, lifelike and natural. It will require the dentist to do freehand work. So, it would be wise to ask to see similar cases and before and after images.

As mentioned earlier, dental bonding shouldn’t be as expensive as Lumineers. Although, it will need to be touched up occasionally to keep it looking fresh.

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