What type of cosmetic dentistry will fix a chipped tooth?

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My mom told me I need to get cosmetic dentistry to fix my chipped front tooth. What are my options? Will porcelain veneers or tooth bonding work the best?

-Marcie in Illinois


Mothers know best. Cosmetic dentistry will definitely help you fix your chipped front tooth. The most important thing for you to do is to select the right dentist. You are on the right track in looking into porcelain veneers and dental bonding. However, not every dentist does beautiful work. It actually requires extensive training beyond dental school and a passion for aesthetics. So, spend your time researching the best cosmetic dentist in your area, instead of the treatment options. Let the cosmetic dentist make the right recommendations for your case.

That said, here are the differences between porcelain veneers and dental bonding.

What is Dental Bonding?

Composite tooth bonding is tooth-colored material that is placed directly on your tooth and reshaped to fill in the chip. This takes a high level of skill to get right, especially on a front tooth. But, when it’s done correctly, the result will blend in perfectly with your surrounding teeth. Also, dental bonding isn’t a permanent fix. You will need to go in periodically to have the bonding redone. It will chip off and pick up stains over the years. It is also important to realize that each time it is redone, a little more of your natural tooth structure will need to be removed. So, after many repairs, it will weaken the overall structure of your tooth. It is also less expensive than veneers and usually lasts for a couple years at a time.

What is a Porcelain Veneer?

image that shows how thin a porcelain veneer isA veneer is a very thin piece of porcelain that is cemented to the front side of your tooth. It requires a tiny portion of your natural tooth to be removed. This is an important step so that when the veneer is placed, it is a seamless transition between the veneer and your tooth. As far as the procedure goes, the tooth is prepared and impressions are taken. Then, a dental laboratory will create the porcelain veneer to fit perfectly in place. It is more elaborate than dental bonding, but the result will last much longer. When a porcelain veneer is done by an excellent cosmetic dentist, no one will be able to tell you’ve had any work done. It will be flawless.

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