Will Zoom whitening or another cosmetic dentistry treatment fix white spots?

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I am looking for a treatment, like a Zoom whitening, to take care of the white spots on my teeth. I have had them since I was young. The white spots developed on the tips of my teeth when I was a child and then I also had braces, which I think may have contributed to the spots on my front teeth.

The dentist I have been seeing since I was in kindergarten has tried to assure me that my oral health is good overall. He has said not to worry about it. However, the spots bug me. I’m in my early thirties and I can afford to have something done to fix them. Do you think I would be a teeth whitening candidate? Or would something like porcelain veneers or Lumineers be a better fit for white spots?

I came across a couple of articles that talked about how the use of Zoom whitening, in-office treatments or Crest Whitestrips actually made the spots more noticeable. So, what cosmetic dentistry options do I have.

-Deanna in New Jersey


Your family dentist’s opinion sounds very typical to many dentists that aren’t familiar with cosmetic dentistry. Most dentists have a functional mindset versus one of creating aesthetically-pleasing results. This comes from the fundamental philosophies taught in dental school, to fix the problem. However, a true cosmetic dentist has a passion for creating beauty. So, don’t ask your family dentist to do any kind of cosmetic dentistry because it sounds like it is out of his comfort zone. Find a cosmetic dentist in your area that has solid credentials, extensive training beyond dental school and can show you several similar successful cases like yours.

Zoom whitening or other whitening treatments won’t work for your white spots. In fact, tooth whitening may make them look worse. This is because the white spots will remain unchanged and will actually end up looking more noticeable.

Your best course of action is to see an expert cosmetic dentist in your area and listen to their recommendations. It is possible that tooth bonding may work well for you. Or porcelain veneers may also be an option because they are placed over the white spots.

woman smiling and pointing to white smileHowever, it is difficult to give specific recommendations without having seen your case in person. Teeth whitening may not be out of the question for the surrounding teeth. Then, the cosmetic dentistry application would be done to match your new shade. The good news is that you do have options and you can get the beautiful, white smile you’ve always wanted.

Word to the wise, stick with your family dentist for regular check-ups and exams. Then, go see an excellent cosmetic dentist to address the white spots and take your smile to the next level.

Thank you for your question.

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