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I am really nervous for my Zoom! whitening appointment. I have heard it can increase sensitivity and I already have super sensitive teeth. I have tried whitening strips from the store and they hurt my teeth. I’ve heard of people that said it can be extremely painful. Do you know if my dentist can use sedation on me so I can stop losing sleep over this?

– Heather in Montana


It sounds like you have highly sensitive teeth. Any kind of teeth whitening, including Zoom whitening, can cause some sensitivity for a short time afterwards. You may also be interested in Kor whitening. Kor eliminates the light that Zoom uses, as well as the heat associated with this treatment, so it can often minimize the pain that some people have. But if you already know that you are prone to sensitivity, there are a couple things that you can discuss with your dentist. Desensitizing your teeth with a special tooth paste or rinse from your dentist’s office may be beneficial in your case. If it will help put your mind at ease, you may be able to take some ibuprofen before the appointment.

The sensitivity typically happens after the teeth are bleached. Therefore, sedation dentistry really isn’t necessary. There may be some dentists that would be willing to sedate you, but it is very rarely used for something like this. If for some reason you experience something that is too uncomfortable during the bleaching procedure, tell your dentist right away. He or she can modify the treatment plan as you are able to tolerate it.

Thank you for your questions. Hopefully it will help to put you at ease.

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