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I am really happy with how Zoom turned out for me. It’s been over a year since I had the treatment done. My cosmetic dentist sent me home with whitening gel to use for touch-ups. But I didn’t really need to use it. Is it okay to give it to a friend to whiten her teeth? It’s just picking up dust here. My friend says she has been interested in getting her teeth professionally whitened, so I thought she might as well give mine a try. I still have four syringes left. I guess I just need to know if there are any safety issues in sharing it?

-Karla in Texas


That’s really thoughtful of you, but it’s definitely not recommended that you share your Zoom whitening take-home kit. The shelf life of the gel is about a year. But there is no way to know how long it sat at your cosmetic dentist’s office before you brought it home. This coupled with the fact that you may have not stored it in optimal conditions, means it’s likely expired. If it is at all cloudy in appearance, it’s no good and may not be effective.

Also, it is important to have the teeth professionally examined before moving forward with any kind of teeth whitening treatment. This will ensure she doesn’t have any issues that require immediate attention. If she has any dental work, like a crown or fillings there will be matching issues as well. So, although you are trying to help out your friend, it’s in her best interest that you pass.

Still another reason being that the trays you have at home were made specifically for your teeth. Since no one’s teeth are identical, the fit will be less than perfect. This means a higher risk for uneven or splotchy whitening. Also, the gel may end up on her gums and cause sensitivity and soreness.

If she’s interested in teeth whitening, it sounds like you are happy with your dentist. You should recommend that she see him or her if she doesn’t already have a cosmetic dentist. Your friendship shouldn’t be jeopardized because of a potentially negative and unpredictable experience. Although it is tempting, don’t do it.

Thank you for your question.

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