I want a CEREC crown done on my front tooth.

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I have had crowns in the past and I just found out I need a crown on one of my front teeth. I have been looking into CEREC crowns, because I really want to have it all done in one day. I hate temporary crowns! My dentist has done CEREC crowns but he is telling me that he won’t do one on a front tooth. Why is that? Should I seek a second opinion somewhere else?

-Jack in Connecticut


CEREC crowns definitely have convenience going for them. But they do have some limitations. When it comes to such a highly visible tooth, like a front tooth, CEREC isn’t always the best choice.

A porcelain crown on a single front tooth requires a highly-skilled, expert cosmetic dentist. It is a difficult order to match the neighboring tooth and keep it looking natural. CEREC crowns are made from a single block of material so they don’t have the depth of shading and translucency options that come from using an all-porcelain crown that can be handcrafted by the ceramist.

CEREC crowns blend in well enough on back teeth, but are rarely the first choice for a front tooth. Even though you may be sacrificing some of the convenience, it will be worth it in the long run. Stick with the recommendation of your dentist. But it is also important to realize this is an artistic treatment, as well. Ask to see cases and examples that are similar to yours. Be sure your dentist truly has the expertise and background in cosmetic dentistry before moving forward with such a highly visible restoration.

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