Is it odd that my cosmetic dentist stained my Lumineers?

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Last month I had 10 Lumineers placed on my teeth. I wanted them to be very bright and white, which I explained to the dentist multiple times. But, he didn’t listen and ordered them with a special stain so they looked natural. They are not white! After nearly $13,000, I feel duped. When I called in after only a couple days to complain about the color, he had me come back in. The top layer was drilled off and then whitened. Now, I’m left with a dingy, misshaped smile. They are ruined!

-Rachel in Georgia


Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done for your Lumineers at this point. Although, if they truly look that bad, you may be able to move forward with a refund. By the sounds of it, the dentist you saw was not an expert cosmetic dentist. So, you’ll need a second opinion on your Lumineers from a reputable cosmetic dentist in the area.

If the new cosmetic dentist agrees that it is terrible, he or she may be able to help put leverage on the old dentist. In order to do beautiful cosmetic dentistry, a dentist must pursue extensive training beyond dental school. Fewer than two percent of dentists are artistic enough to create a beautiful smile makeover. Realistically, most excellent cosmetic dentists agree, Lumineers are not the best fit to create a beautiful smile. Lumineers are considered average and most cosmetic dentists prefer using porcelain veneers that don’t come with so many laboratory and trademark restrictions.

Furthermore, the fact that your dentist ordered stain for the Lumineers means he’s not experienced with them either. In dental school, it is taught that stain will help teeth look more natural. And it is taught that making them too white will give a fake result. But, a true cosmetic dentist not only listens intently to patients, but creates the smile to match your personality, facial features and complexion.

Hopefully, you are able to pursue some sort of a refund. Because it sounds like your only option at this point is to have your smile redone. beautiful woman with flowers surrounding herHere are some tips to find the best cosmetic dentist:

Thank you for sharing your Lumineers horror story. Hopefully, it saves someone else the heartache of going through something similar.

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