How Strong Are Porcelain Veneers?

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Porcelain veneers have long been prized for their ability to address a wide array of smile concerns, including chips, gaps, cracks, stains, and even minor misalignment. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, they are also quite durable, capable of lasting for decades with proper care. This is because dental-grade porcelain is extremely resistant to staining and damage, with durability comparable to natural tooth enamel. Below, our extensively trained cosmetic dentist in Lexington, Jenny Miller, DMD, explains why choosing quality materials for veneers makes a big difference. She also provides tips on how to maintain the resilience of porcelain veneers.

Although there are other materials that can be used to create a veneer, such as composite resin or zirconia, modern dental porcelain provides treated teeth with a superior blend of strength and aesthetics. Dr. Miller often receives questions from patients about other options, such as do-it-yourself or at-home veneers. While these options usually have a cheaper price tag, they are also generally of a lesser quality and entail a much higher degree of risk. Typically, DIY veneers are not customized, which means they often look less natural. Furthermore, ill-fitting veneers can actually have a negative impact on your bite, in addition to the potential for permanent tooth damage. At Hamburg Expressions, our on-site dental laboratory enables us to oversee the entire treatment process, ensuring our completely customized dental restorations are of the highest quality.

When it comes to maximizing the longevity of veneers, proper oral hygiene and good dental habits are important. Even though dental porcelain is extremely durable, the material can still crack or chip under pressure or force. Dr Millers recommends avoiding overly hard or pitted foods, such as cherries, bone-in meat, and ice cubes. It is also best not to use your teeth as tools for opening bottles or packages, which can place unnecessary stress on your veneers. Additionally, for individuals that have a habit of grinding or clenching their teeth, Dr. Miller recommends a night guard or mouthguard.

Ultimately, porcelain veneers are a durable method of enhancing the aesthetics of your smile, capable of lasting for decades with proper care. At Hamburg Expressions, Dr. Miller and our Certified Master Technician, Neil Miller, work together to create exquisitely beautiful restorations that are completely customized to the individual, ensuring the most comfortable, natural-looking smile possible.

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