How Can I Straighten My Teeth Without Braces?

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Many patients who have misaligned teeth wish to obtain a straighter, more uniform smile. However, the thought of traditional metal braces deters many of those who might otherwise seek treatment. Not only can metal brackets and wires be aesthetically disruptive, but treatment with braces is often lengthy and uncomfortable—especially for adults. Fortunately, our Lexington cosmetic dentist—Jenny Miller, DMD—offers two alternative methods of obtaining a straighter smile: Invisalign® and porcelain veneers. 


Invisalign® is a revolutionary treatment that can provide an ideal alternative to braces. This advanced orthodontic system uses a series of custom-fabricated aligners to progressively shift the teeth into a more desirable alignment. It can treat a range of mild to moderate orthodontic issues, including crooked teeth, gaps, crowding, overbite, underbite, and crossbite. Furthermore, treatment with Invisalign® typically requires less time and fewer office visits than braces, and the aligners can be created right here at our on-site dental lab for enhanced precision and efficiency. The aligners themselves are made of a clear-coated plastic material that is nearly invisible against the teeth, allowing for a more discreet treatment that should not impact your appearance. They can also be removed while eating or attending to your oral hygiene routines for improved convenience and comfort.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can provide comprehensive smile enhancement for patients seeking to correct the cosmetic concerns associated with crooked teeth. Made of thin shells of high-quality dental porcelain, veneers are bonded to the fronts and sides of the teeth to help conceal crookedness, unevenness, and misalignment. This process is sometimes called “instant orthodontics,” since it can be completed in as few as two office visits. As an added benefit, veneers can also treat gaps, chips, cracks, stains, and other cosmetic concerns for a comprehensive smile makeover. However, it should be noted that veneers are not able to treat the underlying causes of misalignment in the same way that Invisalign® and braces can. 

Thanks to advances in dental technology, patients now have more options than ever when it comes to obtaining a straighter, more even smile. That said, while Invisalign® and veneers can be ideal solutions for many patients, more severe cases of misalignment may still require traditional metal braces. During your consultation, Dr. Miller will ask about your goals and assess your teeth and bite. From there, she can make treatment recommendations based on your specific needs.  

If you are interested in learning more about alternatives to braces, contact us today! A member of our team will be happy to answer your questions or help you schedule a consultation.