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I am a long-time sufferer of advanced periodontal disease. I have ugly black triangles between my teeth because my gums have receded extensively. After my next gum surgery, I know the black triangles will only look worse. Do you know how I go about locating an experienced dentist that can do a gingival mask for me? I feel like I don’t even know where to start. After some research, I think the gingival mask would help a lot.

Do you know if it’s possible for my gums to grow back after gum surgery? I feel like I may never have a nice smile again. I feel embarrassed and would really like to feel good about the way I look. Please help.

-Rob in Oregon


Finding a dentist to create a gingival mask may require some perseverance. There are many excellent cosmetic dentists that are capable of making one for you. But the main issue is, they get so few inquiries regarding this treatment, they likely are not marketing the service online. So, you may have to do some legwork and get on the phone asking the dental offices if they can make a gingival mask for you? Although, the receptionist may not understand what you are asking, the question can be relayed to the cosmetic dentist. Many dentists that are passionate about appearance-related dentistry would be happy to make one for you.

A gingival mask is pretty straightforward. It is a silicone piece that is created to fit right over your front teeth to cover the black triangles you are referring to. The coloring will be the same as your natural gum tissue and it is anchored in place with little tags to keep it serurely in place. When this type of work is done by an expert cosmetic dentist, no one will be able to tell you are wearing it. You can have and definitely deserve a beautiful smile. You can see an example shown in the image below.

image of a gingival mask to help with black triangles

Image of a gingival mask is provided courtesy of Chromeworks Lab, Chico, CA

A good dental laboratory, possibly one that creates dentures, will be able to create a life-like piece for you.

Lastly, your gum tissue will not grow back. So you are on the right track in pursuing the gingival mask for your situation. Best of luck!

For additional information, please visit the following cosmetic dentistry website to learn more about a gingival mask.

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