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Why do we offer complimentary cosmetic consultations?  Many people wonder whether or not they would be a good candidate for cosmetic dental procedures. Modern dentistry has afforded the public with so many new options to improve their smile with the advent of all porcelain restorations, porcelain veneers and implant dentistry. At Hamburg Expressions we offer patients a complimentary consultation in order to listen and understand their objective for their smile and to direct them as to how to reach that objective.

What to expect at a complimentary cosmetic consultation?  This appointment is designed to both gain an objective and to provide a general idea of possible treatment options based solely on a limited oral evaluation. In some situations patients may be referred to other specialists such as an orthodontist or periodontist. In the instance that porcelain veneers or other porcelain restorations should be utilized to reach the patient’s objective for their smile we encourage the patient to return for a detailed, customized Keynote treatment planning appointment. If the patient decides to proceed with this detailed treatment plan we will proceed to gain more information such as a comprehensive exam, digital preoperative photo series, x-rays and upper and lower impressions for models of the patient’s teeth.

What to expect from a Keynote treatment planning appointment?  If a patient decides to proceed with a more detailed plan to reach their goals for their smile we will schedule them to return for a Keynote treatment planning appointment. This appointment will be a private conversation with myself, my office manager, Angelia and with the patient. At the very least each patient will obtain an education as to what issues are present, what the underlying causes may be and what possible solutions are available? I will be evaluating and discussing different aspects of the mouth including the biomechanics of the affected teeth, the periodontal health and periodontal esthetic component, the functional relationship of the bite and the overall esthetics of the smile. I will provide a potential strategy to meet the objective described by the patient and give further information regarding appointments and financing. I will use a Keynote treatment planning software to organize and present this information as well as the preoperative photos, x-rays, stone models and examples of previous, similar cases. I normally spend a few hours preparing for and presenting these treatment plans so we do require a $250 deposit to reserve the appointment time. This deposit will be credited toward requested treatment.  Angelia will assist in formulating a financing plan and preschedule all needed appointments.

Don’t hesitate to get started with a complimentary cosmetic consultation! It’s free, only takes a few minutes and could be the beginning of creating that beautiful smile that you can be confident in!