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diagram of a dental implant Hello,

I was in an accident when I was a teenager and the dentist didn’t recommend getting dental implants at that time. So, I’ve been wearing a dental flipper. I was under the impression that when I was an adult, I could find a more permanent solution to my missing front teeth. So, I have been doing my research and came across a cosmetic dentist that has very reasonably-priced dental implants.

When I scheduled a consultation with the cosmetic dentist, he said that he would go ahead and do the dental implants. However, he also wants me to get two porcelain veneers placed on each side of them. So, that would mean I would have work done on six teeth total. His reasoning was that the porcelain veneers with the dental implants would ensure it would all match and blend in well.

I’m wondering if this sounds legit because I never anticipated needing porcelain veneers down the road. The dental flipper I have is okay and could probably look better. But, I thought that’s why I would be getting dental implants. Do I really need the porcelain veneers at this time? All of this work will stretch me financially far more than I had planned.

Please let me know if you have any advice?

-Paul in Colorado


The situation you are describing is not typical. Unless there is something cosmetically wrong with the teeth that would surround the dental implants, there is no reason that you need them. It sounds a little odd that this dentist would make that recommendation and it begs the question, does this dentist know what he is doing. Cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry for that matter, require extensive training and experience beyond dental school. Not any general dentist will do beautiful work. A reputable dentist should be able to make the dental implants look lifelike and completely natural. The restorative portion of the implant should blend in perfectly with the surrounding teeth.

The other alternative here is that he is giving you such a good deal on the dental implants, he may be trying to up-sell you on the porcelain veneers. Whatever the case, it would be worth your while to get a second opinion.

Ultimately, trust (not cost) needs to be the most important determining factor when selecting the right implant dentist for you. Quality materials, skill, and a dentist that listens to your needs are imperative.

Proceed with caution and check out a couple more implant dentists before making your final decision.

Best of luck!

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