Do I have to get a crown or will Lumineers work?

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To be honest, I’m very confused. When I went to the dentist to find out what could be done to close the gap between two of my teeth, I’m not sure my dentist gave me the best response. It’s not my front teeth that are the problem. It’s on the sides where the gaps are and it really bothers me with how it looks. I researched online and it sounds like Lumineers should be a good option. I really liked this approach since the dentist wouldn’t have to remove any of my tooth. My dentist shot down any type of porcelain veneers because he said they almost always have problems down the road. He is recommending crowns close the gap. But I really am not comfortable with how much of the tooth’s natural structure that will need to be removed. Is this my only option? I don’t feel good about it.

-Jeff in Texas


Well, if your dentist is telling you that porcelain veneers have problems, you don’t want to move forward with Lumineers or any type of porcelain veneers from him. Cosmetic dentistry takes extensive training and an artistic eye that not every dentist encompasses. So when he tells you he’s had problems, he probably has. But when porcelain veneers are done correctly, whether they are the no prep brands or traditional veneers, they can last for a long time. Dentists that don’t have the cosmetic dentistry background or comfort level tend to recommend porcelain crowns.

So, you can move forward with the crowns if you stay with this dentist because it would not be in your best interest to get him to do something he doesn’t believe in. Or you can visit a different dentist, one that is skilled in cosmetic dentistry. There is nothing wrong with seeking a second opinion for porcelain veneers or any treatment plan. Some dentists are stronger in some skill sets and areas than others. You don’t want to ever force a dentist out of his or her comfort zone. Before moving forward with any dentist in regard to cosmetic dentistry, ask to see a portfolio of cases very similar to yours. You want to make sure they have the experience and understanding to give you beautiful results.

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