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I am really interested in checking out this new dentist in town that is offering free teeth whitening. But how do I know if it’s really free? Or will they give me some kind of free toothpaste or something that isn’t worth my time? Any tips on looking into this possibility?

– Paul in North Carolina


Many dentists will offer free teeth whitening as a way to attract new patients. But beware, because there is no way to guarantee that is what the offer you are referring to is actually offering. The best thing to do before going in for an appointment is to give them a call and ask the specifics about the offer. Find out what is free, what the product is, and what your obligation is as a new patient. They may throw in teeth whitening with a complete exam and cleaning.

There are several types of teeth whitening treatments available today. Typically, the take-home whitening is what is offered or Kor whitening, which is an in-office whitening techniques. But if you use the take-home whitening method and follow the instruction provided by the dentist, you should see results. These take-home whitening offers involve being fitted for trays that fit your mouth. So instead of seeing white teeth in a matter of hours, it may take several days or a week.

Again, it cannot be stressed that free teeth whitening isn’t typically free. In most of free teeth whitening offers, if you are a current patient of record that keeps up with regular preventative exams and cleanings, they will whiten your teeth for free every six months. Just make sure you receive clarification on the promotion details and if any rules or stipulations apply.

Good luck! Don’t be bashful. Simply call them up and ask something like, “How much would a patient pay for this normally?” Then, just find out exactly what the treatment plan is for new patients.

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